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Mother Earth Brewing

A name like Mother Earth Brewing demands that a ribbon of green run through every aspect of their companyDrawing inspiration from garden grown ingredients, the warmth of small-town life, rock n’ roll and time-honored craft, Mother Earth Brewing is the dream-child of two guys from Kinston, NC. Their portfolio includes Weeping Willow Wit, Dark Cloud Munich Dunkel, and more.

In February of 2013 Mother Earth Brewing became the First Brewery to Attain LEED® Gold Certification

Learn more here on their beer selections, and here to learn more about their brewery.   


Weeping Willow Wit
This beer style is over 400 years old, and continues to enjoy overwhelming popularity. Offering low hop bitterness, it is easy to enjoy. It pours very hazy, with a light gold color… we say it’s like summertime in a glass. Bitter orange peel and fresh coriander add zest and depth to this refreshing beer.

Dark Cloud Munich Dunkel
Steeped in a long history dating back hundreds of years, this “old-fashioned” beer is again in vogue. Lager is the German word meaning “to store,” so this beer ages three times longer than our ales do. “Dunkel” means dark in German, but don’t let the color fool you, it is by no means heavy, overbearing or bitter. In fact, it proves to be a very drinkable session beer.