Craft, Boutique, & Specialty Division

Craft Beer

Back in the day, microbreweries were the only breweries. There were millions of recipes. Thousands of personalities. And over a hundred styles. Now, craft breweries are in a class by themselves. They take what’s great about the tradition — a passion for the art and science of craft beer – and they brew it into every batch. United works only with the best of that class. That way we get the best traditions, the most passion, and the greatest innovators – thus the best craft beer. Working with the best of that class is one thing. But our best-in-class team is a whole other thing. Our entire sales force is Server Cicerone, and our entire Craft Specialty Team (as well as some key members of the sales force) are Certified Cicerones. That means we know a whole lot about craft beer. But we are continuously striving to learning more. Ask our supplier partners, customers, our friends, neighbors and wives…we live for craft beer and it shows.