Craft, Boutique, & Specialty Division


The beer, wine, and spirits in United’s Craft portfolio are produced in small batches.

But that’s about the only thing small about them.

They’ve got big flavor.

A big following.

And, at United, they’re a pretty big deal. That’s why we have an entire team of people dedicated to working with them, learning about them, teaching about them.

That’s why the entire Craft Team salesforce is Level I Cicerone. We even have some of the country’s only Certified Cicerone craft beer connoisseurs on our team. And if you think that’s not a big deal, try passing the course, the 3-hour written exam, the short-answer questions, and the live demonstration. Trust us. It ain’t for the faint of heart. Or for small thinkers.

Craft spirits are such a big deal that we spend extra time educating our retail and restaurant customers about each and every small-batch product they carry. Because each and every small-batch product we carry is one-of-a-kind, a breed of its own.

At United, we do big things for our craft suppliers. Our 70+ years of experience, heritage and success allow us to do those big things.

And, at United, we expect big things out of our craft team. Really big things. We expect our team to continue building our craft brands, to continue organizing major events that support our craft brands, to continue learning, to continue educating. And – above all else – to let their passion for craft drive them to succeed at all of these things.