Craft, Boutique, & Specialty Division


In 2009 United formed a Community Service Committee (CSC).  The formation of the CSC was a natural extension of United’s mission statement about our commitment to the community — “Active personal and financial support in order to make the areas in which we do business better places to live.”


Over the years United has been very generous in terms of charitable giving, personal involvement and leadership throughout our communities.  At that same time, we knew we could better coordinate our efforts to allow for broader and more diverse involvement by our associates.  Through the CSC and the leaders you nominated to the committee that will happen.  Several general points of information about the committee:


  • All associates should feel comfortable approaching any of the members to make a request for the committee to consider.
  • As for requirements to get funding and support through the CSC:
    • The charity must be a qualified charitable organization – you should confirm the charity is a 501(c)(3) organization;
    • You must demonstrate your own personal involvement with the charitable organization;
    • There needs to be an opportunity for our associates to become involved through service for the organization (e.g., walk, specific event, on-going service projects, etc.); and
    • The CSC will not consider requests benefitting a particular religion (e.g., support of a synagogue, church, mosque, temple or specific religious organization) but will consider requests for organizations that are supported by religious organizations (e.g., shelter for battered women run by a religious or faith-based organization).
    • If you have a request, you may either make an individual request to one of the members of the committee or send the request to the committee via e-mail to the CSC mailbox ( and one of the committee members will follow up with you.
    • When requests are made, they are assigned to individual committee members to review and research for presentation to the entire committee.
    • The CSC will meet on average every couple months to consider requests so you should make your requests well in advance of the need; however, the CSC has the flexibility to meet and discuss requests on short notice if appropriate.
    • As the CSC is in its infancy, it currently includes associates from Atlanta only but we expect to include representatives from our other locations in the future.