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Eventide Brewing American Pale Ale and Kölsch Style Ale Now Available in Cans!

Eventide American Pale Ale
Any craft brewer worth his salt offers some variation of the pale ale. This particular beer has been a staple of the beer scene for hundreds of years and is the leading craft beer seller in America. Theirs is a true American Pale Ale in every sense of the name, but it also boasts a few characteristics which set it apart from the common rabble. Big hop flavor and aroma are the first noticeable aspects of the beer, but the well balanced malt profile is what really fills out the body. The finish is slightly fruity with a lingering bitterness which is sure to please any palate. We love it, and think you will as well.

Eventide Kölsch Style Ale
They took the traditional “Kölsch Style” and worked it up a bit with some special hop additions. They did not go noble with the hop profile, but instead took it in a direction that paired better with the bready flavor of the pilsen and the touch of wheat grains, that make up the back bone of this brew. This style is perfect on those hot summer days, but it’s is also so refreshing that it is great anytime. So good in fact that it may coin the phrase “Eventide Style Kölsch”, and don’t worry Cologne.